Final outcome – What is it?

Final outcome as a response to ‘What is it’ project.

My two objects were a toy soldier and a bracket clock from 18th century. Abstract future I saw my objects in was utopia.

I wanted to tackle the idea of what a book is and what it can be. Because a book is not defined by a medium, rather than with having a beginning and an end, as well as being a container for an idea, I made a wooden cabinet.

Idea of a cabinet comes from Pandora’s box, with a movement of opening and the Greek word poneros (evil). Main source of inspiration was Neue Slowenische Kunst, an 80’s political art movement addressing totalitarianism as a present state, rather than a historical abstraction. Thinking about that, I wanted to present how we are controlled through the fake sense of security, without questioning our present state in society. And that’s how the idea of utopia was born.

Cabinet represents utopia from outside, while inside is dystopia.

frame itself is 30 cm x 37 cm x 12 cm (not including legs or top and bottom decorative pieces)
wood used is 12 mm MDF
laser cut pieces are cut in 2mm MDF

Facilities used: 3D workshop, laser cutter, lino print, digital.

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