Drawing feet in V&A (Mini brief)

Observational drawings of feet found in Victoria and Albert museum

I chose to draw feet as I find them very hard to draw, especially from various perspectives. As I started, it was difficult, but over time I warmed-up and began drawing more freely.

The more stylised feet were, it was more difficult to interpret them and I struggled to find an approach to render them. This is why I enjoyed drawing from neoclassical sculptures the most. Those sculptures are closest to having realistic proportions and I was able to twist them myself.

As everything was supposed to be drawn without the context, I was mainly interested in the form. Ugly renaissance feet, round baby feet from religious paintings and sculptures to shiny neoclassic ones. I found the ugly feet with marks, scratches and chipped of bits most interesting.

Overall, I preferred drawing from sculptures rather than paintings, as I had the freedom to choose a perspective.