Flip Book – Revolution



Vlado Martek


I was explaning to my classmates what stereotypes Balkan carries (animalistic, violent, constant conflict) and my tutor Mike said it sounds like England. I thought it was interesting because everyone can recognize their inner fears and frustrations with their own countires in the Balkans.

This reminded me of Vlado Martek’s work – Balkan. The US map depicts the names of major Croatian contemporary artists instead of cities. Martek said that the United States is working perfectly to explain the Balkan stereotype, asking what is more ununifed than USA, where each country has a separate culture, laws, and mentality?

The existence of the Balkans as Europe’s periphery is important for EU and the rest of Europe as they can carry out an image of a purely positive category.

Photography – perspective & looking

Stuart Hall said that identity is formed within represenatation, and not outside of it. The same way, Balkan is unable to form an identity outside of the stereotype.

I placed a frosted piece of paper on top of everyday things, so it would act as a perspective. One of the main focuses of my project is looking. Layer on top doesn’t allow us to see things underneath clearly, as the stereotypes act the same way.

It was imporant to capture everyday things (alongside with a doily) as they are part of my daily routine.

Photogaphs are not particulary succesful, but it was about capturing the relationship of the objects and the layer.