Ovo je Balkan

Final outcome are two boxes, made in frosted 3mm acrylic. Square box is approximately 16x16cm, while the other one is around 33x10x20cm.

I made two because my exploration led me to accept the split feelings I have about the region.

The laser cut writing ‘Ovo je Balkan’ translates to This is the Balkans, taken from a song by Milan Stankovic with which Serbia entered Eurovision in 2010. I find it to be the ultimate trash.

Both boxes carry my feelings about Balkan. Square one carries my passport painted red. It obviously shows it was painted by hand, and I did that purposely. That one carries all the desire and wantings to be considered European, and not a second-class citizen. It’s hopeful.

Rectangular one carries three chef knives. This box carries my anger and hate towards patriarchy in the Balkans. Men traditionally inherit all the power, while women are supposed to be submissive. I used knives because patriarchy and the presence of masculinity in our society is almost violent. Both sides are laser cut because patriarchy needs to be addressed more critically.



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